The Essential Boutique
The Essential Boutique

We Don't Sell Clothes...
We Build Wardrobes

....and that makes all the difference to you!!!

How We Are Different

I've Spent My Life In Fashion

My name is Marci Marg and I have spent my life helping women look and feel their best.  And it does not mean throwing out your old closetful of clothes.  It means integrating new pieces that upgrades your whole look and feel.  Whether you are a professional, or retired or travel a lot, we have a lot to teach you.  I will look forward to talking with you!

I Fell In Love With Sympli....and Think You Will Too!

Symplli started 20 years ago when its founder, Jan Stimpson, was in search of the perfect Tee.Turns out this was a lot easier said than done. Out of this challenge  Jan was inspired to create a collection that focused on simplicity and  an honest fit. Her mission was to address the needs of every woman  regardless of age, shape, size, or style. Therein lay the vision for  Sympli, a brand embodying comfort, effortless care and most importantly,  an authentic fit that is crafted with every body in mind.

We Are Styllists, NOT Salespeople


We work with you to find the style and fit that looks and feels best on you. The end result is your polished look will get you compliments.

 The Essential Boutique features the most versatile clothing line ever designed…..designed by real women for real women with real figures with size ranges from 2 to 24. With styles that offer custom necklines, fit and lengths.

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